Splurge or Save: Our Master Bathroom Look

Get a similar black-and-white bathroom look with high- and low-end fixtures, faucets and flooring. See my favorite splurges and savings.

Kohler® Vox Rectangle Vessel $270 Vs. Fresca Rectangle from Amazon $149

I love the low profile and rounded edges and basin that still look modern on the Vox sinks and if we only needed one for the bathroom I probably would have splurged on these but since we have double sinks this was an area we chose to save money on and opted for these sharper and cheaper ones from Amazon.

Kohler® Purist Faucet $1,023 Vs. Delta® Trinsic $126 Vs. Beelee Faucet from Amazon $54

I’ve had my eye on these gorgeous Kohler faucets since I worked for the company three years ago. And mark my words, one day I will get my dream faucets. But the resale argument won in this case and we settled for some cheapo single-handles from Amazon and that’s how we landed on the gold vs. matte black debate too.

Custom Marble Countertops $1200 Vs. IKEA Karlby Countertop in Walnut $219

There’s really no comparison when it comes to marble stone vs. butcher block. This was one of those decisions that was going to impact the design of the room but ultimately I liked that the wood tones would warm up the space. We probably could have found a brand new 72” vanity that included a countertop for around $1600 but our existing 85” vanity was in decent shape and keeping it helped us save even more. We did sand it, refinish it and give the hardware a coat or three of spray paint to match the faucets.


Matte Black Hex Tile from Tile Shop almost $7/sq ft Vs. Pattern Mosaic Tile $5.30/sq ft

Ok, so we actually splurged on our flooring in order to get the matte black hex tile I wanted. We could have spent even more and gone for a cement or clay version, but even the porcelain tile was a pretty penny when you multiply it for 50+ square feet. Our local HOBO store has some beautiful patterns for about $3/sq ft and we had also talked about finding a long black tile to do a herringbone pattern but in the end, I won this round.

Marble Subway Tile $11/sq ft Vs. Porcelain Subway Tile $3/sq ft

Again, marble lost the resale argument (can’t it ever catch a break!) But I do love the clean look of our 4×16” subway tile gives us, especially when paired with the white grout we chose. AND I did sneak some marble into our shower niche by using two 12″ bullnose pieces for the shelves. Also, I didn’t want to deal with the maintenance of sealing the marble and I worried it would turn orange because of the calcium or rust or whatever’s in our water that turns things orange.

Kohler® Purist Shower Trim Kit $711 Vs. Delta® Trinsic Shower Trim Kit $173

Other than the face of the shower head, I don’t think this Delta trim kit lags behind Purist too much as far as design goes. I love the contrast of the matte black against our white subway tile. And, it was considerably cheaper. Win, win.

Stay tuned for our budget breakdown and finished bathroom photos – if we ever get around to finishing it.


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