Minty Fresh to Fresh and Cool

Mint chocolate chip is one of my favorite ice cream flavors, but definitely not my dream living room color palette. When I bought the house in late 2015, the living and dining room walls were coated in mint and complemented by dark brown trim. I do love the retro vibe mint has to offer and can appreciate a lot of the pastel color palettes that are trending now, but in this half craftsman half 50’s renovated house, it didn’t just didn’t translate for me.

I had unrealistic dreams of restoring all of the trim back to the original finish and bringing this 1920’s beauty back to it’s former glory. I scoured the web for inspiration and color palettes that would work well with the original woodwork and loved Deuce Cities’ Henhouse living room (I’m even more in love with it now that it’s darker). I immediately picked up a couple gallons of Hallowed Hush and got to work. When I say “I” did it, I mean I can only blame myself for living with this blue color for a year, I think Zac subtly tried to talk me out of this shade but since he didn’t live there at the time he was trying to be nice about it.

Needless to say, it missed the mark. But I still held out hope that once we started stripping the trim it would all come together. I was trying to convince myself that once I got new curtain rods, a new couch, new this and new that… it would look great. It got to the point where every time we sat to watch a movie I’d say to Zac, “I hate this blue.” And finally he had enough of my complaining. I really wanted to stay with a bold color palette and dreaded mundane — and quite frankly, overused — greige but the fact is, there just isn’t enough light in our house to support a bold color on the wall.

We’ve been following Chris Loves Julia for a while now and even redid our powder room like theirs. So when it came to picking a lighter wall color, we were inspired (or flat out copied) the warm clay/grey color they have in their main living area. Now for the trim…

I still had hope that we could restore it. So. Much. Hope. But after scraping and sanding and patching on every single piece of trim, we knew it was just too far gone. At nearly 100 years old, and with 3 coats of paint and stickers and patchwork on them, the only option was to cover the trim back up again.

Photo Dec 27, 6 24 55 PM

3-4 coats of new paint later, I’m happy with the white trim, on the windows and door frames and especially on the built-in linen closet but the verdict is still out on the baseboards. We waited to strip them, mostly because we were worn out, but also because we wanted to see if they were salvageable.

Photo Jan 03, 1 07 36 PM

As for the décor, the living room has been transformed a few times since I took residence. Transitioning from some leftover college furniture – I got a new bookcase/media stand, new chair, another new chair, new frames, new rug, another new rug, a third rug (shopping addict). We moved my couch out, used Zac’s couch, then bought a new one for the space from All Modern after falling in love with the Andes sofa from West Elm.

Photo Jan 03, 10 34 43 AM

Photo Jan 03, 1 44 33 PM (1)

Photo Jan 03, 10 52 11 AM

Full disclosure: I had to crop out a clump of dog hair from this photo.


We DIY’ed the coat hooks and coffee table. And I scored these amazing velvet curtains from West Elm for a steal ($10 a panel) WHHHHATTT? I need to work on my shelfie style and also hide the TV cords better along the backside of the bookcase.

Photo Jan 03, 10 33 25 AM

Photo Jan 05, 3 29 18 PM

In 2018, we’re hoping to finish the baseboards, replace the fan and paint the ceiling and then I am calling this room complete. And Zac can finally be happy that I won’t bring home anymore new pillows and throws.

Anything else we should change up in here?






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