A Complete List of Incomplete 2017 Projects

2017 had a lot of changes for our house the biggest being our bathroom renovation but a lot of other ones too. Pretty much every weekend was filled with one project or another, yet none of them seem to be completely finished… 2018 resolution? Anyway, take a scroll through my phone’s camera roll with me and see just some of the things we accomplished made progress on this year.

Photo Jun 10, 5 58 22 PM

Beautifying the Backyard

Our backyard is pretty deep compared to other “city” lots and in the way back was this awkward patio slab that looked kind of sad and out of place. I planned on building a wood pergola but found this pergola on sale at Target and snatched up the 10×10 size. I love that it gives the space purpose and defines the outdoor dining/lounging area nicely. It also gives us some much-needed privacy from our neighbors until the arborvitae grow nice and tall.

Photo Apr 23, 7 33 40 PM
We rotated the rug after seeing how bad it looked in this picture.


The IKEA table and was stained with Minwax Special Walnut in one afternoon. The entire set was only about $120 and the quality is surprisingly decent and has stood up to Wisconsin weather and lots of spilled beer.

Photo May 26, 7 47 46 AM

Zac built this garden bed to run along the back of the garage and we’re looking to add another one somewhere in the yard this spring. We also were able to hang the hammock I got years ago in Puerto Rico.

Ahhhh sod. Beautiful, wonderful sod. Our yard was covered in creeping Charlie and dirt. With two dogs and lots of spring rain, it was a mud pit that needed to be fixed. We tried seed and it did nothing, so eventually we caved and picked up about 200 roles of sod. Looks like we’re going to need to patch some of the spots that didn’t make it but we’re crossing our fingers that most of it will grow back.

What’s to come?

We took some brick from my parent’s house and along the very back of our fence started planting some perennials to bring some more color to the yard. We’ll see what comes back this year but we’ll need to finish in-laying the brick and re-mulching the space because Zac let me do it unsupervised and yard work is just not one of my strengths.

We’ll also be moving the steps on our deck, putting up new railings, staining/painting the deck and hopefully building a cabinet for our grill top.

And, lots and lots of power washing.

Photo Dec 31, 3 03 32 PM

In the Kitchen…

Zac and I aren’t the only people happy these cabinets are gone. Every time we had people over they’d awkwardly bend under the cabinets to talk to us while we prepared apps or drinks in the kitchen. Now that they’re gone, we kind of forget what it was like to have even had them there. It’s one of those changes that felt like it should have been that way in the first place. My dad installed the can lights for us and we love being able to enjoy the open space.

What’s to come?

Hopefully a dishwasher. We have one in the basement just waiting to be installed but haven’t gotten around to finding new countertops. We have a killer plan for the kitchen that I’ll share in another post. We also want to paint the cabinets. Maybe a charcoal lower cabinet and white or clay uppers? We’ll see.

Photo Dec 27, 6 24 55 PM

Strip, Strip, Strip

We spent a lot of hours practicing our stripping routine in 2017. It went like this: Zac would strip, sand, fill in the holes, I would vacuum, paint, wait, paint again. We desperately tried to get to the original finish and wanted to restore it but it just wasn’t in the cards. A lot of it had been destroyed, so white it is and I can’t say we regret it.

Photo Mar 12, 3 23 57 PM

The trim had dark brown paint on it, under that was a faux-wood sticker and another coat of white below that. It was a lot of work but it made a huge difference and really makes everything feel more polished.

Photo Dec 27, 6 20 51 PM

What’s to come?

We’re still hoping to be able to restore the 1922 original baseboards and some of the doors too.

Photo Dec 25, 2 28 09 PM

Finishing Touches

I am in love with DeuceCitiesHenhouse’s living room and was dead set on having a fun, dark color like her. In reality, our house just doesn’t get enough sunlight to be able to pull off a dark paint color. We lightened things up with two coats of greige paint.

Photo Dec 31, 3 04 45 PM

We actually didn’t spend too much money redoing the living room considering the only thing that stayed was the TV stand. I got some help with this space from a designer at West Elm who gave me the idea for the gallery wall. Pretty much everything has been replaced since buying the house two years ago. I might have a shopping problem. But in my defense, I am very good at finding deals.

Photo Dec 31, 3 11 25 PM


What’s to come?

Painting the ceiling. Replacing that awful fan. Hopefully nothing else.

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