2018 Bathroom Reno


Don’t adjust your screens. That’s just the color of our bathroom. Yep, got that right. Yellow floors, yellow mirror, yellow counter, yellow sinks, yellow tub, yellow toilet, oh but not the toilet seat, couldn’t find one to match. Awesome. (Side note: I think the proper term for this gorg hue is Harvest Gold incase you’re wondering). Charming? Sure. My style? Not quite.


After moving in the hatred for the bathroom went from just aesthetics to also hating its function. All three faucets leak, the toilet runs, there is no fan so the room just smells like mildew and you pretty much have to pole vault to get into the shower. But don’t worry, once you’re in there, it will only take you 15 minutes to find the right temperature between scalding and ice cold. Looking on the sunny side of things, it will all be gone soon.

Something Zac learned quickly during our last bathroom update is that I’m a bit of a bathroom snob. By bit, I mean, huge. After having worked for Kohler, I have some pretty strong opinions on bathroom fixtures and faucets and would gladly drop $600 on gold cross-handle Purist faucets if I had the cash laying around. But I don’t (sigh), so here we are.


Even though we’re only 6 months out of our half-bath reno, we couldn’t take it any longer. So we made plans to fix up this bathroom sooner rather than later. We already had a new toilet sitting in our attic that didn’t end up fitting in the half bath. But we can’t install that until we have new floors, and we can’t door floors until the tub is in, etc.

I can’t wait to share the plans (and why we had to revise the plans) we have for this space. We’re keeping fixtures in the same locations to save on some serious dough. Stay tuned!


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